dimanche 6 décembre 2009
Last weekend we went over to my in-laws'. They have three olive trees, and my father-in-law was in the process of de-oliving them.

He said that it takes him about three days per tree, working alone.

Alain was busy working on the car, so I took a bucket and headed out to enjoy the late November sun.

(not the best picture of me, but oh well)

Spent a couple of hours picking olives off this tree. It was quite de-stressing in fact, the sun, the quiet, ripping all those little buggers off the branches, and hearing them plop into the bucket. Once I turned over the bucket, so it wasn't quite as fun re-picking them all up off the ground, but oh well.

Makes me want to buy some baby olive trees in pots, so that maybe by the time we have land to plant them, they are olive-producing. Wouldn't want too many trees though. After a few days of picking olives, it would get tiring real fast.

5 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

How many did you eat?

Megan a dit…

never eat olives right off the tree! Did that once and it was absolutely disgusting. Have to treat them somehow. Not meant to be eaten like raisins.

Mwa a dit…

Like raisins. That's funny.
I know I've said it already, but I LOVE your background. Enough to repeat it.

screamish a dit…

hey nice new look!

yeah you have to treat them....first you wash them thoroughly, then prick them with a fork or needle, put them in a container, pour sea salt to cover them, add cold water and every day mix it up a bit, replacing the water and adding more salt every day for 15 days, then every two days for a month..and then start tasting the olives to see if the bitterness had gone..and once they're edible rinse them off well and dry them before putting them in a container. Then I dont know, maybe in olive oil with garlic?

I did try this once but i got too impatient...and you have to keep it at about 8% salt, no more no less....I think it could take years of practice to get it right, or learn it from an expert granny who's done it for years??

Starman a dit…

Considering the ritual one must go through to eat them, I wonder why anybody even bothered.

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