dimanche 31 janvier 2010
I've been here in France for over four and a half years now, and I have yet to find a French deodorant that works for me.
Anybody else have this problem?

A lot of people seem to have the idea that the French smell bad and don't wear deodorant, but they don't seem to smell any worse than any other random sampling of a population. Sure, sometimes on the Metro you will be squished up against someone that you wish you weren't, but that can happen anywhere.

French deodorants just DO NOT WORK on me. I don't know why.
First of all, the French seem to use a lot more deodorant sprays than sticks, and a lot more scented deodorants, and not so much anti-persperants.
Really, I don't want my underarms smelling like Vanille Gourmand, nor Vanille de Polynesie, nor anything at all really.

Every time we go back to the US, I buy about 15 deodorants- regular, plain sticks like Secret or Dove to bring back.
When they run out, I'm left with desperately searching for something that will work.
I think that French body chemistry must be different than American body chemistry, so French deodorants will not work for non-French.

If you are an American living in France and have found a French deodorant that works, what is it?
If you are an American living in the US, won't you please send your favorite ex-pat some deodorant so that she doesn't get kicked out of the country?
Thank you.

- Looks like deodorant in France is hot-button topic.
- Thank you to those who have offered to send deodorant care packages.
- Also, I don't care if it is deodorant or anti-perseperant or a ham sandwich, as long as it works.
- As I don't want to post my personal address on the internet, I guess I will have to do without your kind offers, unless I have your email addresses.
- Also, I find it rather funny when deodorants advertize things like "48 heures efficacité!"
Um, I was kinda hoping to take a shower or two in that time period, and unless I am going camping for a weekend, I don't need 48 hours of deodorant protection, and if I am going camping, I don't think one layer of deodorant will do it. Just saying.

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Mwa a dit…

I don't like the thought of antiperspirants. I'm with the French on this one - I like to sweat like I normally do, but then I make the sweat smell nicer with a deodorant. You're after an antiperspirant, not a deodorant. You apparently like to clog up your pores and stop your body functioning as it should. ;-)

frenchkiss a dit…

Antoine used Mennen and I have to say that I used it too. This is the best, since it doesn't use alcohol, which can dry out your skin. It is a clear stick. After 5 minutes you hardly smell like a man... In any case, what is your favorite Dove scent? BTW, I only have your Marseillaise address...

Starman a dit…

We would have to know your address to send it to you. I've never liked stick deodorant and always use the spray. My personal favorite is Suave with powder.

meredith a dit…

Can't help...I like Suave. My sister is coming next week and she's bringing me some. Want anything?

Ksam a dit…

You're not crazy, French deodorants actually have a different make-up than American ones (even ones that are sold under the same name in both countries). I don't gave any magic solutions as I prefer to bring mine back from the US as well, but I did use the Yves Rocher tea tree roll-on for awhile and that seemed to work okay.

Anonyme a dit…

This is so funny, I am a French woman who has been living in Florida for 13 years, and guess what? Every year, when I go spend the summer in France, I bring several French deodorants back to the US...

Astrid a dit…

I buy mine in the pharmacy... I'll get back to you on the name. This is the one and only I have found working...

Astrid a dit…


SVR is the name of the déo/antiperspirant and you get at the pharmacy.

Hope it helps!

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