dimanche 17 janvier 2010
Another 7-hour train trip, this time in first class.
When I ordered my tickets for this month, I thought I would check and see what the price difference between first and second class is.
Round-trip ticket first class for the same price (109€) that I usually pay for second.

Cost for second class (same trains, same dates)?
Hmmm.... let me think about this.....
First class for less, or second class for more?
Is there a third option, third class for a lot more?

First class on the TGV was practically empty and definitely worth it.
Super-wide reclinable seats, bathrooms with no urine on the floor, plugs for electronics (like laptops), and no screaming children. I guess they aren't allowed in first class.

First class on the Corail system- still good, but not TGV good.
Wider seats, no plugs, and bathrooms not any better than second class.

My only complaint about 1st class on the Corail (well, besides the shocking lack of champagne, caviar, and a personal foot masseuse evidently) is the arm rests between the seats.
In second class, the armrests move up, so you can lie across the two seats and nap. In first class? No idea why but the armrests are fixed in place.
So yeah. It's the little things that make these monthly trips slightly less unbearable.

Next time you take the train in France, check out the prices for second class, you might be pleasantly surprised.

(Oh, and no trains canceled due to strikes, which you can never count on)

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Starman a dit…

When we rode to Carcassone from Toulouse, we rode second class because that's all they offered. It seemed very nice to me and we got to meet of couple of very nice Suisse ladies.

Jennie a dit…

I found the same thing in Italy. It was only about 2 euros more to ride in first class, so we did it and it was quite nice. Not a lot of people and especially no children!!

screamish a dit…

hey!! I know what you mean, guys, about children, I mean I USED to know what you mean, but what about now with two small kids??? Even parents have to catch the train now and then and what are we supposed to do, drug them? Stay at home?

Personally now I find the really loud mobile phone conversations a LOT more irritating...that and too-loud music on tinny mobile speakers, or headphones...

Vivianne Leclaire a dit…

Definitely agree with Sreamish about the loud mobile phone conversations. SOOOO annoying.

Good tip about checking prices, Megan. Also, good tip that the TCV 1st is worth it. Thanks

frenchkiss a dit…

Usually when I search here: www.voyages-sncf.com/, even if I ask for 2nd class, it gives me the options for 1st too. With lots of other options, like 'exchangable' and 'refundable. But be careful of the iDTGV! It is nearly impossible to change your ticket. You have to do it by phone, but when I called the number was 'out of order' so I ended up having to by another ticket. How annoying.

Mwa a dit…

That is the strangest thing. I'll keep it in mind.

Ksam a dit…

I've seen the same as Frenchkiss - I reserve at least 2 roundtrips per month for work via the SNCF site and it will usually show the 1st class ticket too if it's roughly the same price as the 2nd class one. It happens pretty regularly that it's the same price, or only a few euros more, especially if I book at least a month in advance. Though I have to admit that it gets really hard to go back to 2nd class after traveling 1st so often!

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