mardi 8 juin 2010
I took the day off from work today (actually, I exchanged it with my Free day on Friday) to go to the US Consulate and the Mairie.

I needed to go to the Consulate to get some certified copies of my passport (photocopy of the front page + the official notary seal and signature of the Consul General), and then to the Mairie to drop off my file for the nationality. I have been slowly gathering paperwork for months, and just kept everything in a big folder that I brought home from work last week.

Last night, when I took out my passport from our filing cabinets, I didn't look at it, just threw it in my purse. Mistake.

Got downtown Marseille around 8:30, had a hot chocolate and a croissant and looked at some of the new globes exhibit (more on that another post), then went to the entrance of the Consulate a little before my scheduled appointment time of 9. When I handed it to the guard, I realized it was my old one, canceled two years ago. Yikes. Hurried back home, grabbed the new one, and went back downtown, arriving at about 9:20. Went through in-processing, which always makes me feel insulted (Hey look guys, I'm an American. I'm not going to bomb the US Embassy) and waited for my copies (50$). They seemed rather suspicious about why I needed them- it's for an exam. What exam? Why? Do you have a piece of paper that says that you need this? I was getting worried that I wouldn't get to my 10:30 appointment with the mairie in time, but I finally left at around 10. Hurried back home, grabbed my file, and ran out the door.

Arrived at the mairie Annexe near our old apartment, and started shuffling papers. Eight grade diploma? No? You are sure you don't want it?
Certificate of French course? No?

I admit that I wasn't very organized. I have been so preoccupied with other stuff lately, that I didn't have time to really go through and make sure I had everything. I didn't have a copy of the oh-so-precious EDF bill, nor the original of our deed to our apartment, nor copies of my transcripts (just had the originals). Sigh. Had to come back home, get everything, then go to La Poste to make copies. Went back when they reopened at 12:45, handed her everything, and she said it would be probably between 4 to 7 months before I receive the convocation to come to the Prefecture for the French test and interview, then sometime afterwards I would receive the decision. She said it goes faster for "Diplômés", by which I understood- white, married to a French, not from a developing country, with a higher degree and a job.

We'll see.
Anyone want to take bets as to when I will receive the convocation? Pick a date from tomorrow until I don't know when, person who is closest gets a prize.

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frenchkiss a dit…

Feb 9th -- Good luck. I am trying to get all of my paperwork together too. Apparently it is much easier if you don't actually live in France ie don't want to live off of the social system and be a general parasite on society...

Uncle David a dit…

June 7, 2011

MilkJam a dit…

My prefecture told me that there was a new law going into place that requires the prefecture to take the application AND do the interview at the same time. they said the will not have an appointment until the end of June, will call me to confirm it. He told me NOT to send it or take it to the prefecture before then, I hope you don't have any problems! Might want to give your prefecture a quick call just in case...

Anonyme a dit…

Bonjour à vous tous : je suis dans la situation inverse, c à d native française ( et de Provence) et je suis maintenant Américaine par mon mariage avec un américain. Nous vivons à New York (upstate)
Je suis scandalisée par les difficultés et embuches que la bureaucratie française met sur le chemin des Américains mariés à des Français.

Vous avez tous les droits pour vous selonlaloi française, donc, stay cool, et refusez de vous stresser : les papiers arriveront un jour, il ne peut en être autrement.

Superbe blog !

Starman a dit…

I would guess the 12th of Never. But it has to be a Tuesday.

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