samedi 23 octobre 2010
As most of you in France probably are aware of, Marseille has (in addition to the transportation and gas strikes) a trash strike going on.
It has been about a week and a half now. It is the longest that I can remember (of all the yearly trash strikes, most of which occur in summer, have only lasted about a week).

The trash cans are overflowing of course, so now valuable parking space is being lost to trash, as well as impromptu trash bag areas springing up. People just place their trash bag somewhere on the sidewalk (where there is no trash can) and others are placed around it. These trash bags, from being left out in the element, plus probably pulled apart by dogs, trash pickers, and being run over by cars, are spilling their contents all over the place.

So the streets themselves, which are even in good times not the neatest, are now completely covered with trash bags and contents from opened bags that have flown away. Plus the usual Marseillais attitude of 'I have something to throw away at this very instant. There is no trash can nearby and I can't actually be expected to keep it with me until I pass a trash can or get home, so I'll just throw it right here.'

I don't know the strike will be over, but even after they are over it takes a week or so for the trash collectors to pick up the slack.
A few days ago the Army was called in, and some 100 soldiers or so spent the day shoveling trash in the main tourist areas.

Guess who is going to be told to royally get lost when they come around knocking on doors looking for a Christmas bonus this year?!!
(Hint, it's not the postman)

I didn't post any pictures because its just way too depressing.

5 commentaires:

screamish a dit…

photos!! photos!! it's for the sake of History!!

ditdit a dit…

I hope they don't dare come knocking.

Sara Louise a dit…

If they come knocking please let us know! (honestly, I won't be surprised at all if they do)

Mwa a dit…

You must be glad it's not summer - the smell would be unbearable.

Starman a dit…

I don't think I will ever understand why they're allowed to get away with that. Maybe they need a good dose of the plague to set them straight.

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