samedi 30 octobre 2010
A while ago, I was perusing the Journal Officielle de la République Française.
(Oh what fun was had)
I was struck by the randomness of the items published in one single issue.

Are you ready? Here we go:

Arretes: (Orders)
- fixant le montant de la taxe parafiscale applicable à la betterave destinée à la production de sucre et d'alcool pour la campagne 1988-1989 au profit de l'association nationale pour le développement agricole *anda*
- Fixing the amount of tax applicable to beetroots destined for the production of sugar and alcohol for the year 1988-1989 for the profit of the National Association for Agricultural Development.

- fixant le taux de la taxe parafiscale dans le secteur des conserves de pois
- Fixing the rate of tax in the sector of canned peas

Loi: (Law)
- autorisant l'approbation d'une convention européenne pour la prévention de la torture et des peines ou traitements inhumains ou dégradants
- Authorizing the approval of a European Convention for the prevention of torture and of punishments or treatments that are inhuman or degrading.

- autorisant la ratification de la convention internationale du travail n° 156 concernant l'égalité de chances et de traitement pour les travailleurs des deux sexes : travailleurs ayant des responsabilités familiales (1).
- Authorizing the ratification of the International Convention of Work #156 concerning the equality of chances and of treatment for workers of both sexes, workers having family obligations.

Decret: (Decree)
- réglementant la fabrication et la vente des beurres et de certaines spécialités laitières
- Regulating the fabrication and sale of butter and of certain milk products.

- portant application de l'article L. 214-1 du code de la consommation en ce qui concerne les vinaigres.
- Application of article L.214-1 on the Consumers Code as far as vinegar is concerned.

- portant modification du décret n° 49-580 du 22 avril 1949 relatif au régime d'assurance vieillesse complémentaire des pharmaciens
- Modification of the decree # 49-580 of April 22, 1949 relating to the complementary old-age insurance for pharmacists.
Geez oh flip.
The French Government really concerns itself with the price of beetroots?

It is clear what are the topics nearest and dearest to all French hearts - consumable items and retirement.

Oh, and let's not forget the official Frenchification of certain foreign words.
30 décembre 1988
Want to know how to say "wing fillet" in French?
It is officially, my friends, "raccordement d'aile" according to the arrêté of August 12, 1976.

Do you think the general public gives a hoot about what a wing fillet even is?

Do you think that the Engineers and Technicians are going to use the term "raccordement d'aile" or will they most likely use the term "wing fillet", which is what all the literature mentions, the term that they have to use when speaking with their suppliers in China, their customers in Europe, etc.

Or how about "resonance escape probability"?
The official Frenchification is "facteur antitrappe" in the domain of nuclear engineering. (according to the arrêté of November 30th 1989)

Hooray! I know how to say "resonance escape probability" in French now!

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Sara Louise a dit…

What's a wing fillet???
It's all so confusing.

I really like your new blog template :-)

Anonyme a dit…

I don't know what a wing fillet is either!?

Such a fascinating read is the JO, were you reading it for a specific purpose or just for fun?

MilkJam a dit…

Where do you get the JO? I've wanted to get it because at the Prefecture they said my name will be in there when the dossier goes through but I can't find it anywhere! If you do get it can you look for me too?? :)

Starman a dit…

It's just amazing what one can learn from a professional journal.

Starman a dit…

BTW, I like the new look.

Megan a dit…

Dear All,
A wing fillet is:
Domaine : Défense.
Définition : Carénage placé à la jonction de l'aile et du fuselage pour améliorer l'écoulement de l'air.

And as to the JO, it can be access online, but I believe that nationality decrees are not published online, perhaps for identity theft reasons. If you know what issue you want, you can order a copy. Otherwise, I don't know where they can be obtained. A library maybe?

As to the template, I prefered the other one, but it was a bit hard to read I admit. I hope this one is easier.

Anonyme a dit…

Great post. I know that in the IT business, even though there are tons of French words for computer parts, everyone uses the English words.
Love your new look!

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