jeudi 25 novembre 2010
Got a happy piece of mail the other day.
I have officially been ordered to present myself, papers in hand, at the Prefecture in two weeks to discuss my nationality file.
I guess they need some further proof of certain things-
Yes, still married.
Yes, still paying taxes.
Yes, still have a job.
Yes, still want to become French.

I have to make some more photocopies of stuff we already have, plus some more stuff they didn't ask last time.
Attestation from the bank concerning our mortgage payments?

Anyway, I guess this will be also my interview to see how well I speak and understand French, before they put their recommendation on it and send it off to National headquarters.
So I guess it took about 4 months from the time I turned in my file until they contacted me for the first part. Not too bad for French administration when you think about it. Actually, not too bad for any governmental administration.

Vive la France!

(Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!)

3 commentaires:

Michel a dit…

Congratulations on this very important milestone...and Happy Thanksgiving to you!

Anonyme a dit…

Good luck with your interview. I'm sure it'll go well. The administration hardly ever turns anyone down who's American and is married to a French man and who's bought property.
Don't expect a real quiz on the Marseille and French grammar. This is all just a formality.

Although, when I had to meet with someone from the "Renseignements Généraux", that was pretty freaky.

Starman a dit…

Félicitations et bon chance, madame.

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