samedi 6 novembre 2010
Thirty one
Trente et un.
Now I feel like I'm *really* into my thirties.
Like last year, 30, it was cute. Oh, look at me. I just turned 30.
Now, I didn't *just* turn thirty.

woke up around 9, went for groceries and to the post office, came back and opened my presents and cards.
Alain got me the perfume that I hate most in the world. Again.
He got me the same one last year.
Bless him, he knows I really like perfume and picks out one he likes the best.
Forgetting that he got me the same one last year.
I try to wear it every once in awhile for him, but honestly, it makes me gag.
Words cannot express how much I hate this perfume.
Almost any other perfume would have been okay.

I still have 99% of the bottle he bought me last year.
This year, he said I could exchange it.
I did so, and bought myself a nice Swatch Watch (third one).
The band is a like a bracelet with three individual bands of yellow, white, and rose gold (plated).

Tonight we are going out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants, La Table Marseillais.

5 commentaires:

talesfromagarden a dit…

Happy Birthday to you! Husbands are amazing are they not,getting the same perfume twice and you dont like it!Good for you for changing it,maybe next year!

Ksam a dit…

Happy Birthday!;)

Sara Louise a dit…

Happy birthday!!
The perfume... that's something my husband would do too :-)

Starman a dit…

Poor Alain. But it's the thought that counts. Right?

Mwa a dit…

Happy Birthday! And hurray for exchanging crappy gifts!

I do firmly believe that very good men can be exceptionally crap at picking gifts. (As is mine, but don't tell him.)

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