dimanche 7 novembre 2010
A 75 cL bottle of wine is too much for two people to drink in one setting.
I'm just saying.

Plus an apperitif.

Went to the restaurant last night, had an appetizer of foie-gras (delicious with a fig spread), followed by a steak and potatos. Alain then had a dessert but I opted out (too full) and just had a coffee.
Thought about asking the waiter if we could take the bottle of wine with us (as it was still about half full and not cheap) but Alain didn't want to ask.

Got home around 11 pm, woke up this morning with a headache.
Welcome to my post 30 life.

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Toulonnaise for a while a dit…

Belated Happy Birthday Megan!

Our Juicy Life a dit…

ah...just another lovely night in France. Wait until you hit your 40's, it's even harder! Happy Birthday

Anonyme a dit…

You have to get your DH to be more assertive. Or, you have to get used to drinking 1/2 bottle of wine by yourself. In any case, the headaches get worse with age.
Happy Birthday a bit late.

Michel a dit…

Here at our Bistro Des Copains in Northern CA, guests routinely bring in their own wine to drink and take their partially drunk bottles with them.

I have discussed this with restauranters in the Vaucluse near our home in Sablet and they tell me it is not interdit to take their partially drunk bottles of wine, its just that very few people do so.

But maybe the best solution is to do as my wife and I do and order 37.5 or 50 bottles.

Sara Louise a dit…

When I go to one of our usual restaurants, I usually bring some wine home. My husband doesn't drink much and I hate to waste it (sacrilege!)

Sara Louise a dit…
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Starman a dit…

WE (the two of us) drink a bouteille du vin every night when we dine at a restaurant.

Starman a dit…

Oh, and if I paid for the wine and there was half a bottle left, it would definitely accompany me a la maison.

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