lundi 17 janvier 2011
On the Wednesday before Christmas, my sister Leah and her husband Larry held a Christmas party for her work colleagues and their friends.

That morning, she ran all around Bangkok looking for a Santa suit, and finally found one made out of a cheap red felt in Chinatown.

She set up a kids destruction (or play, whichever you prefer) in the hallway outside their apartment, to try to keep them out from under foot. There were about 10 kids there, all boys. Geez.

We met with her friends, colleagues, and their families and had a nice evening.

Dad was stuck with playing Santa Claus (I think he drew the short stick). He went over to the neighbor's to change, then came in, wishing everyone Merry Christmas. The older kids looked sceptical, but brightened right up when he started handing out gifts.
(<- "Santa" and Toby. Not sure if Toby knew who Santa actually was)

2 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

I like the kid's "destruction area"!

Mwa a dit…

That is a pitiful beard.

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