dimanche 16 janvier 2011
spending 4 hours in a gymnasium on a Saturday morning to watch your husband's 3 minute karate competition.

Alain has been itching to get back into doing karate competitions.

He signed up for the Departmental (13) competition, which you just have to participate in order to be able to go to the Regionals (Provence), before the finals in Paris.

He had to sign up and get a doctor's okay.

We arrived at the Salle de Sport in the north of Marseille (not a great area). The weigh-in was at 8:30, and then the competition started around 9. He was in the category over 18 years old, less than 67 kg.

They started with the women competitors (a grand total of 6), followed by an open competition, children, and then finally his category.

I brought my Kindle ebook (which I am liking more and more) and sat up in the stands, as far away as I could get from the other spectators (hey, I wasn't there to be social). This worked until a huge group of Marseillais sat right in front of me. I moved. Around 12:30, I saw Alain put on his blue belt, hand and feet protectors. Another half an hour later, and it was his competition. (sorry for the terrible pictures).

After that, we went home. Next time, when he tells me I really don't have to come, I'll take him up on it. Unless it's the finals in Paris.

2 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

I've always wondered about women who participate in physical sports.

deedee a dit…

Reminds me of my kids' dance recitals...3 hours long for 10 minutes of dancing.

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