vendredi 14 janvier 2011
The second week of our trip to Thailand (sorry, these are not in order, I'm just writing as they come) we went to the beach town of Hua Hin for two days. It was about a two hour drive from Bangkok. Friends of friends of Leah and Larry had lent us their beach(ish) condo for two days, free of charge. It had four bedrooms and was in a complex near the beach.

We all piled in the van, got on the road at the crack of noon, and got there a little after lunch.

We had lunch in town, then went to find the condo. Only had to make one U-turn, and we found it. It was in a gated complex, rows of three-story townhouses around the biggest pool I have ever seen.

(picture taken from the balcony of our bedroom)

It continued on for about 200 meters to the right.

Alain, Leah, and I went swimming while Toby ran around spraying everyone with the water gun.

The water was fantastic, BUT

the pool was tiled, and a lot of the tiles were broken or missing. Ever touch a broken tile? Yep. Sharp as broken glass.

I was trying to get out of the pool and sliced my big toe. Both Alain and Leah also cut themselves badly. I was bleeding all over the place, and had to squish back to the townhouse and clean myself up.

After that, I refused to go back in. I like my limbs.

Then I noticed the sign "Be A Ware of loose and broken tiles." I'll say. At least a fourth of the tiles were either missing or broken.

I'm guessing they tiled the pool a long time ago when the complex was built, and haven't bothered to replace the tiles or remove all the tiles and put something more swimmer-friendly like concrete. I'm sure in the US the pool would be condemned.

4 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

I think complaints to the complex manager would be in order.

Michel a dit…

The pool does looks beautiful but then you can't see beneath the surface to all those missing and cracked tiles. Sorry to hear that spoiled the fun for you.

Sara Louise a dit…

That's horrible! And totally unsanitary. I wonder how much chlorine they use in it? Hope your toe is healing :-)

Mwa a dit…

Ouch. Strange to think that's lurking underneath all that perfection in the picture.

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