samedi 12 mars 2011

Population :1,088 (2000 Census)
Founded : 1859 during the Pike's Peak Gold Rush
ZIP Code : 80444
Elevation : 8530 feet (2600 m)

My post from last visit for Christmas 2008

A few years ago, my parents, aunt, and uncle went in on buying a second house in Georgetown, which they split between them. It is about an hour west of Denver, near the ski resorts.

I like going up there, it is always so peaceful and quiet.
It has a tiny downtown area, with several touristy-shops, a shop that makes candy, a shop that sells cowboy hats, etc.

When I go up there, I usually sleep about 80% of the time. Get up late, take an afternoon nap, go to bed early. We have spent one or two Christmases there, and Alain has been there twice.
This visit, we drove up there on Monday, and another aunt and uncle arrived, whom I hadn't seen in several years. My dad and uncle went skiing one day, while the ladies read/slept/watched girly movies/shopped. It was fun.

Now back down to the Front Range, for more reading/sleeping/watching girly movies/shopping.

It is a hard life.

4 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

Is that a lake I see in the background?

Megan a dit…

yep, that's Georgetown Lake

Samantha Vérant a dit…

For a moment...and because of the colors...I thought this was in France! Like when you drive and see a bay in the distance. (i.e. Cassis) Have fun reading, sleeping, and the like. Sounds good to me!

Starman a dit…

"I wonder what is sold in Gaymart... " Mostly clothes, but some birthday cards, some trinket jewelry, some CDs. All geared towards gay males, of course.

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