dimanche 20 mars 2011
You would have thought that a (human) dishwasher who was doing the dishes by hand for two + years would welcome the arrival of a (machine) dishwasher. But no.

I constantly have to tell my (human) dishwasher "Put the dishes in the (machine) dishwasher! That's what we bought it for, for goodness sake!'

(Human) dishwasher: Oh but it's (too time consuming, uses too much water, we don't have enough dishes...)


I have to literally force (human) dishwasher to use the (machine) dishwasher.
I just don't understand it.

Then there's the whole "You run it because I don't know how."
It's really quite easy Mr. PhD. You unwrap the little square of detergent, put it in the plastic holder, close the door of the holder, close the door of the machine dishwasher, push the on button, select the Eco option, then push the Go button.

It's like Magic!

Lately the (human) dishwasher has been putting dishes in the (machine) dishwasher, but somehow I am still the one that has to start it and unload it.

I came back from two weeks away, and found that the human dishwasher had not used the machine dishwasher in the two weeks I was away. Rather, the plates that were in the machine dishwasher since before my departure were still there, unwashed, with mold growing on the bits of food left on the plates. Fabulous.

The human dishwasher had used the same plate, knife, fork, spoon, and glass the whole two weeks, washing them after each use.

Le sigh. I'm back.

6 commentaires:

deedee a dit…

That's funny and welcome back.
You might want to run those two week old dishes on a stronger cycle than Eco :)

MilkJam a dit…

I can't wait to get a dishwasher - tell human dishwasher that the machines use less water :)

Sara Louise a dit…

A (machine) dishwasher is a terrible thing to waste. I hope your human dishwasher gets the hang of it soon :-)
P.S. I miss having a dishwasher!!

Mwa a dit…

I think I would let the (human) dishwasher get on with it if he so desired, if that would mean that I never had to unload the (machine) dishwasher.

Michel a dit…

Its nice to be needed. Somehow I never load it the way she wants and she ends up redoing because supposedly the way I do it the dishes don't get clean. I definitely would't give up the dish washer

Starman a dit…

Using the same dishes every day is something I would do.

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