mardi 6 septembre 2011
(overheard in an apartment in Marseille)

One of us: You know that thing, like a marathon but with swimming?
The other of us: You mean, a triathalon?
One: No, not with running or biking.
Other: So, just swimming?
One: Yeah, that is it!
Other: So, you mean a swimming competition, which is pretty much nothing like a marathon, huh?
One: Yep.

One of us wants to do the Monte Cristo Challenge- swim from the Chateau d'If to the coast of Marseille, 5 km in the ocean. The other one of us thinks one of us is nuts.

3 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

Do we get to guess which is which?

Starman a dit…

Oh, BTW, did you ever find your hand scrub?

Megan a dit…

Haven't found it yet, but am still looking. And yes, you can guess, but if you don't get it on the first try, and then you haven't been reading this blog.

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