vendredi 30 septembre 2011
Awhile ago, I was told that I am "pulpeous", which I guess translates into English best as "voluptuous".

I don't think I am particularly voluptuous.

Scarlett Johannsen is voluptuous. I am not.

I never particularly wanted to be voluptuous. It always seemed to me to imply a bit of extra padding on the bones. Padding in good places mind you, but still, EXTRA.
I always wanted to be svelte. I guess I am not particularly svelte at the moment.

So here are some questions:
1) Define svelte and voluptuous, in your own words
2) For men: would you prefer to be with a svelte woman or a voluptuous woman?
3) For women: would you rather be svelte or voluptuous?

I have a theory, but will wait to see the answers before I voice it.

5 commentaires:

Michel a dit…

Svelte - slender, skinny
voluptuous - full, fleshy

I would prefer to be with a healthy, well proportioned woman,someplace in between svelte and voluptuous.

Just my opinion, since you asked.

Megan a dit…

No! Not "in between" one or the other!!!

Starman a dit…

Svelte - slender
voluptuous - full figured

I prefer svelte.

Michel a dit…

Ok Megan, I would prefer voluptuous.

Egoch a dit…

I think "pulpeuse" is not absolutely exactly "voluptuous". "Pulpeuse" is about having more than the average woman where it matters most but you could still (and would preferably) have slender legs, waist and arms. "pulpeuse" is almost always used positively

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