mercredi 4 janvier 2012
Ahh, the Dark Ages. How I don't miss thee.
That period of time between the holidays and spring, when it is still dark and cold out, with nothing to look forward to except the European Qualifying Exam.

My external hard drive went kaput, when I arrived at the parking garage this morning there was a car blocking the entrance (didn't put their parking brake on I guess) causing a long line of cars needing to back up and go the other way. Huge traffic jam on the way home. I finally just parked and walked home, about 15 minutes. JUST COULDN'T SIT THERE ANOTHER MINUTE, after having seen several cycles of the stop light and couldn't take it another minute. Decided to stop by McDonald's for a quick bite as Alain is away at karate. One of those times when you peek in, see there is almost no line, then end up waiting half an hour. There were three people at three different tellers, and there was one woman in the center, forming a sort of "common line" like people do, to wait for all three spots. I stood behind her. She then went to order, and another guy came in, didn't get the "common line" concept and went behind the guy still ordering on the right. I edged in front of him, and then the guy who was ordering commented "I guess some people have different cultures." That pissed me off, so I told him off. My feet were hurting from walking half a mile in my heels, I was tired, irritated, and didn't want to be told off by some guy who thinks because I speak with an accent he is better than I am.

Came home all teary-eyed for no good reason, just because.

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Jonathan a dit…

Hey there!! Just found your blog when i was googleing for capsule holders for my Nespresso capsules! So - anyhow, i got to this post, and it turns out to be the best looking capsule holder so far - so im just wondering if you have any idea of where your work place got it? Or even what its called, or what company makes em would be SOO nice to know!! Haha, not even the Nespresso staff knew where it was from!!

Thanks a million =)

Starman a dit…

Doesn't seem like a good day for you. Sorry.

Betty C. a dit…

Thanks for your comment on my blog! I too have not been blogging much, but am trying to keep a New Year's Resolution to stick to doing at least some blogging every week -- nothing drastic like a post a day, but at least a decent effort!

I see you found my new blog -- would you mind replacing the link to "La France Profonde" with it? It is called "The World from my Windows" and this is the address:

Thanks and a very happy new year to you!

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