mardi 24 janvier 2012
When I was seven, my parents bought me a male golden retrievor puppy.
They asked me what I think we should name him (big mistake).

I said


which, I think, was a perfectly accurate name.

(<- me with Sunny)

They said no. (and learned a valuable lesson - never ask a child what to name a puppy. Which of course has a corrolary- never ask older children what to name the new baby. Which goes double if they are in a Lord of the Rings Phase.

Here's to not having some weird elf name!!)

Anyway, we settled on Barney. This was, mind you, before the days of the big purple dinosaur.

(Grandma Eleanor with Barney on the left and Sunny on the right)

So "Sandball", which could have been transformed into the acceptable golden retrievor name "Sandy" (though it would look a bit funny on the purebreed Kennel Club papers), was out.

Barney Trievor Smith

Now that is one heck of a prestigious dog name.

We took him down to Ecuador with us, where he cheerfully refreshed the gene pool, and we got another puppy from the first litter.

This time, we named him

Sundance Kid de la Cumbré Smith

(de la Cumbré was added on as the name of the street he was born on).

So we had Barney and Sunny, father and son. They were great pals. We brought them back to Colorado with us when we left Ecuador.

Barney passed away at the age of eight, and Sunny passed away at the age of 12, ten years ago this month.

Miss you, you big balls of sand.

2 commentaires:

Mlle Norvegienne a dit…

What a beautiful dog! I had the same kind when I was a child, named Goldie. Not a very creative name for a golden colored dog maybe, but at least it was not me naming her :-)
mlle norvegienne

Sara Louise a dit…

They look like good dogs!

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