mercredi 12 décembre 2012
Yep, it is that time of year again folks.

Time for wives to write up lists of what they would like for Christmas, to give to their floundering husbands.

Alain needs help. Really badly.

Whereas I was able to knock out Christmas shopping for his entire family in an hour and a half, he doesn't know what to get me.

I finally took pity on him and wrote up a list with a few things I would like, as well as things I do not want. ie. do not buy me the one perfume I hate most in the entire world for the third time in a row.

My only problem is, there is not much that I want this year.
We need some big-ticket items, like a new CPU, as well as some un-exciting items, like a hot pot and a steamer, woohoo.

Otherwise, everything that I would like is really expensive (like 200+ € purses or an Ipad) or else really cheap, like a new nail polish color.

What is a girl to do?

3 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

We stopped doing the gift exchange years ago because we both have just about everything we could want. Christmas has become a lot less stressful.

Michel a dit…

The shopping for gifts is the most stressful part of the holidays for me. Thankfully, my daughters love to shop and they are willing to take on this responsibility as long as I give them my credit cards.

Sara Louise a dit…

This year that my husband is buying my present solo... normally I just tell him what I want or buy it myself. I'm anxious to see what he picks out!

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