lundi 10 décembre 2012
Our Nativity scene (one figurine for every year we have been together, which is 9 for those who are counting):
Baby Jesus, Mary, Joseph, all bought the first year in Marseille 2005
The three wise men, bought in 2006
A (lying down) donkey, bought in 2007
(2008, 2009, 2010 nothing, catching up for the previous years)
A camel, bought in 2011 (also lying down, so he doesn't have to "stand up the whole time" according to Alain)

And this year.....(suspense)

An angel!

Previous posts about the Foire:

Every year I set out our Nativity scene, and then we head down to the Foire Aux Santons. We wander around, trying to decide first what type of figurine to add. Shepherd? Sheep? Elephant? (though I'm not really sure elephants were present at the birth of Jesus. But I can't say for sure.)

Once we have decided on the type of figurine, we try and find the one we like the best. Which entails a lot of pushing through hordes of rugrats, and going back and forth between the booths of our final choices, always at opposite ends of the fair. Feel like asking a vendor: Do you mind if I just borrow this angel, so I can compare it side-by-side with an angel by another vendor? No?

We bought some roasted chestnuts, but there didn't seem to be any hot beverages, like mulled wine or hot chocolate. Bummer.

Finally decided on this angel, which was not from the same vendor as any of the other figurines. Oh well.

Came home and set the angel in place. Alain solemnly informed me that I had it wrong: the angel is supposed to be placed right over the crib. Never heard of this before, so I am wondering if it is a French thing.

So there you have it folks.

Next year, I'm holding out for an elephant.

Oh, and this is as far as our Christmas decorating gets.

4 commentaires:

Michel a dit…

I love santons and we have a collection in Sablet. I would love to go wander around the Foire aux Santons and have the chance to compare back and forth between the various artisans works of art. Have a good week.

Sue a dit…

This is the first time I have seen yours- I thought they were with real cloth clothes and blankets like the ones we have. When we come back to France I want to go to that town where they make them...and also to the soap makers!

Starman a dit…

If there really was a Jesus, he probably was either black or very dark what does it matter where you put the angel?

Sara Louise a dit…

I spent quite a bit of time playing with my mother-in-law's creche last weekend, moving all of the figurines around. And considering she has a little hunter with rifle, and a couple of sanglier, I think you're ok with an elephant :)

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