vendredi 27 décembre 2013
She's a rebel and she'll never never be any good...

We've lived here for seven years.

Seven years I've been trying to convince Alain to let me hang up some pictures and paintings on the precious walls! 

Yes, I know a lot of work was put into making them smooth. Heck, I spent weeks removing wallpaper and washing gunky glue off the walls, after which he put a smooth coat on, sanded, and painted. 

Finally, couldn't take it any more. Used a special, non paint damaging adhesive sticker with hook and hung up two items, one of which you see here.

Alain used to be really into photography, taking black and white photos and developing them himself. Well, this is one of them. Up on the wall it went.

Tough. That's marriage. If he objects, I'll take it down, but at least I will have proved that the world hasn't come to an end. (Nor the paint job damaged)

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