mardi 21 janvier 2014
I think I am entering the 'tired' stage of pregnancy. And no, not just physically tired.

Tired of lying down, tired of sitting, tired of standing, tired of walking
Tired of climbing six flights of stairs to get to work
Tired of heartburn, tired of cramps, tired of being tired
Tired of waiting to see doctors, tired of blood and urine tests, tired of waiting for the results
Tired of paperwork, tired of trying to figure out cryptic insurance coverage brochures
Tired of having to ask people to give up their seats on public transportation, tired of waiting for public transportation
Tired of not being able to have espresso, wine, or tea
Tired of answering the same three questions over and over again (sex, due date, name)
Tired of avoiding answering the same two questions over and over again (normal delivery or cesearian, breast feeding or bottle)
Tired of going to baby stores, tired of hauling baby stuff in and out of the car (in the rain), tired of mounting the baby stuff, tired of organizing baby stuff
Tired of waking up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, tired of then not being able to fall asleep because of stress
Tired of wearing the same four items every week

Ah well. I guess it all comes with the territory. I am lucky to have had no real problems thus far (knock on wood). Just crabby. Ready (and yet, SO NOT) for the next stage. 

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