mercredi 23 novembre 2005

Hello Everyone.
My name is Megan, and I am 26 years old. I am living in Marseille, France. I moved here in July to be with my french fiancé Alain. Here is a picture of us, taken October 2004. I am currently taking French courses.
Please leave comments!
Au revoir,

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Anonyme a dit…


What a great idea! We look forward to more comments from you. How about some comments on local antiquities if you have the time? Did the recent riots reach your city?

Warmest regards, Fred and Jodi

Walt a dit…

That was terrific, I really enjoyed your blog and hope to see more from you

Anonyme a dit…

Dear Megan (and Alain)

I really enjoy your sharing your experiences with us via your website. It is good stuff!

Aside from that, I hope you have a wonderful first Chrisitmas in your new home and sharing it with your parents. I know they are very excited about visiting you and meeting Alain's family.

Keep on keeping us informed.


Auntie Jeanne

p.s. see you in May

Ed/Sue Smith a dit…

Hi Megan-
This is really great and informative. You have become a very good writer! You are pretty funny but the historical stuff is very interesting too. We see that you have used a lot of our photos. We treasure them!
Love Mom

Anonyme a dit…

hi, jsoi from chitlins and camembert, i think, and have started reading from the beginning. this is a darling pic. i will be interested to read about your life in that beautiful old place.

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