dimanche 12 mars 2006

Yesterday, we went and visited Alain's paternal grandparents, who live about 30 minutes away. They are François and Françoise, but more commonly called Pepe and Meme. (French nicknames for grandparents, also Papi and Mami are used.)
They are both of Italian origin, and know some Italian. The family also has a small little house in San Remo, right on the coast. We have not been there to visit yet, but I hope to go sometime this summer.
Meme really likes to cook, and if you give her advanced warning, a large meal will be prepared, even if you just ate. Most of my culinary adventures have happened here- wild boar, horse, etc. All very good.
So usually Alain and I go visit for a couple of hours, drink tea, eat cake, talk for a long time, and like all grandparents, hear the same stories over and over again. Good times.

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