vendredi 24 mars 2006
There are five major differences between US Rap and French Rap.
1. I actually like French Rap.
2. You can understand the lyrics.
3. The lyrics are not all bleeped out.
(ex. US- (from pretty much any song) You BLEEP when you BLEEP with a BLEEP in the BLEEP and a BLEEP.
France- (from the song "La Belle et Le BadBoy" by MC Solaar) Ils s'etaient rencontres sur les bancs d'l'ecole[They met back in school]Entre une heure de colle de maths ou d'un cours d'espagnol[Between a math class and a spanish class]C'etait un fille fun fana de football[She was a soccer fan]Lui ne craignait pas les balles, c'etait le goal[But he didn't fear balls, it was the goal]C'qu'il lui promettait c'etait des ballades en Corvette[Only thing he promised was rides in a Corvette]Pour l'instant en survet, il volait des mobylettes[But for now, he was stealing scooters]) (note: not my translation)
4. The subjects seem, for the most part, to be socially conscious. Not only are they are complaining about something, they are trying to suggest solutions.
5. They sound melodious.

So once you get past the fact that, Dude, they are RAPPING in French (for which I am sure all the kings and leaders of the Revolution are rolling over in the graves ) it isn't so bad.

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