mardi 6 juin 2006

The menu was as follows.
For starters: Terrine de saumon en cœur de Saint jacques, quenelle de crème fouettée aux herbes. This was a kind of salmon paté with a cream on the side.
The main dish: Rôti de magret de canard, bordelaise Sa fine garniture.
Duck with potato garnishes and a vegetablish pudding.
Next course: Méli mélo de salades aux fruits secs,Fromage servi au buffet
Salad and cheese.
Dessert: Pièce Montée- traditional French wedding dessert- cream puffs that are normally stacked into a pyramid but can be made into other shapes such as cars, windmills, hearts, etc.
Champagne and Café

We were presented with a gift of a huge (magnum?) bottle of wine that was personalized. I guess we have to save it (can be saved for up to four years) for a special occasion.

I felt that the meal was very good, but had absolutely no appetite. I ate most of the starter, a bite or two of duck, no salad or cheese, and one cream puff. The rest I fed to the guys at our table.
During the meal we went around to each table and had a picture taken. After the main dish, we had our first dance to "Man of the World" by Marc Cohn. The lyrics:
I want to be a man of the world, With blood in my veins and a hurt in my heart
Out in the street with the noise and the dirt, And the ones still looking for a brand new start
Oh I've been sleeping far too long, Hiding out in a palace of gold
Show me one thing before I'm gone, That can't be bought and can't be sold
Show me how to come alive, Show me how to make you mine
'Cause if you'd only be my girl, I could be a man of the world
Then I could be a man of the world

After that, Dad and I did the Father/Daughter Dance to "Apple of Your Daddy's Eye" by Peter Cetera. The DJ announced that it was an American tradition beforehand. For the third dance mom announced the couples that were celebrating their anniversary in the month of May and asked them to please come up and dance to "Power of Love" by Celine Dion.

Rudy and Manon seemed to have a great time and loved being together. I hope everyone else did too. Around midnight the Pièce Montée was brought out, in the shape of the château with Megan and Alain written on it. Our little cake topper couple was dancing on the terrace of the château. It looked great when they brought it in as they turned off the lights and put sparklers on the Pièce Montée. The sparklers went out and they draped towels on our shoulders. I had no idea what was coming. I thought perhaps it was so we didn't get dirty when we cut the château. They released two white doves behind us, which were supposed to fly around and then land on our shoulders I suppose. Notice my look of shock and Alain's look of concern in the photo. I wasn't quite sure what to do with the dove on my shoulder. The château was served, toasts were given. After that, people began to leave. We left around 2:30, and Nicolas drove us back to the B&B. It was a great day and I am so thankful for everyone that was able to come and those that weren't able to come but were with us in spirit.

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