lundi 19 juin 2006
Yep. It is about that time. The time of year that mom would absolutely hate in Provence. The really really hot season. People ask what the temperature is, and no matter what the thermometer says, there is only one answer. HOT. Because it always feels like it must most certainly be hotter than 28 Celsius. Perhaps they forgot a digit.
The one advantage over last summer is that this summer we won't be moving furntiture up three flights of stairs. Inland it is much cooler, as well as up in the North Pole. Hanna invited me to come visit her in Finland, I may just have to take her up on it. :)
It is so hot that even night does not bring much of a relief. We don't have air conditioning, which is not that rare in France. Now stores are starting to catch on, but a lot of homes do not have air conditioning, nor cars. Fans don't really do much other than make noise.
I thought, having spent 8 years in Virginia, that I was prepared for hot summers. Oh no. This is the kind of hot where I feel like I am going to have a panic attack and start ripping off clothes. I don't know if it is because it less humid or more humid or what, it is less supportable than Virginia. Oh I miss Colorado!
There really is nothing that can be done besides
a) take a shower
b) accept that you are going to be sweaty and nasty for several months because you got sweaty again right away
c) wish you could have a nice big piece of land with olive trees, a hammock, and a pool.
d) or at least air conditioning
e) try not to focus on the fact that it is only June, and that July and August are only going to be worse until it finally starts to break in September.
f) long for the days of fall and winter, until you remember that in the winter you were cursing the freezing cold Mistral wind and wishing summer was here
g) realize it is a vicious cycle and go take another shower.

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