dimanche 4 juin 2006

After we left the church ceremony, we went back towards the Mairie, and then across the street to a public park to take some pictures. It is traditional here to for the newlyweds to have pictures taken with the different groups of people who came for the wedding. It was somewhat unorganized, but we managed to get some nice pictures.
After that, we went with the photographer (and Lucie, Nicolas, and Manon who were helping us) back to the Moulin B&B to have pictures of just us taken. There were some stupid feeling moments- pretend like you are riding a bike! I don't want to pretend like I am riding a bike. I hate bikes. I hate biking. No one is going to honestly believe that I, a bike hater, would try to ride a bike in my wedding dress, which is impossible anyway. We settled for standing in front of it.
We had told the guests that we would be back in the square at 6:15 to ride in the procession over to the reception hall. So around 6:10 I started saying, "Okay, we should wrap this up. People are waiting for us." No, no, just one more picture of you on a bike. Okay, now go stand by the pool. Last picture, promise. Anyway, the pictures turned out great but a big sorry to everyone who was waiting for us. Our photographer, Jacques, was great. (all of these pictures, except for the one on the Intro blog which was taken by Aunt Shari, are his.) And I highly recommend him to the 0.0005% of my reading public who one day might get married in this area and need a photographer.
So then we went out to the square, got in Lucie and Nicolas's car which they had decorated for us. Nicolas chauffered us to the reception, horns honking and lights flashing. Unfortunately, driving through the town with all of the round abouts and stop lights, the procession got split up. Thankfully, everyone seemed to manage to find the chateau okay.

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Ed/Sue Smith a dit…

This blog is really funny and interesting. You never did like bikes!

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