lundi 12 juin 2006
The day after the wedding, Mom and Dad had a brunch at the house that they had rented. So after checking out of the B&B (It was so nice, I wish we could have stayed another night, but there were things to do and people to see), taking stuff over to J&J's and picking up the rest of the stuff from the Château (Nicolas and Jacques drove in Nicolas's car, which had been decorated for the wedding- they got lots of honks and strange looks.) we went over there. We had a chocolate and pear wedding sheet cake, and we put our little cake topper on top. I had "Congratulations Alain and Megan" written on the top so that he could have his name first for once. :)
It was nice to see everyone again one last time before they took off for every corner of the world- US, Europe, Thailand.
Then we went to J&J's to see some of the people from his side, before driving back to Marseille for the night. The next morning we drove back out to Salon/Lancon to spend time with the various groups. All in all, we were quite exhausted but it was nice.
We picked up the photos from the photographer the following Saturday. For some reason, people seem to insist on spelling my name like the car- Mégane. But he did an excellent job overall.
So, once again, a big thank you to everyone who was able to come.

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