jeudi 25 janvier 2007
Our apartment is incredibly dirt and I can't even clean it.

First off, we have tons of tools and building supplies taking over our hallway. Our medium bedroom is filled with boxes and bathroom stuff (shelves, shower curtain, towels) that we had to move out of the bathroom when we started working on it. The smallest bedroom has the shower basin smack dab in the middle of the floor, plus the spa thing that we are planning on mounting on the wall (one piece with the shower head, jets, etc.) on the floor. Everything is covered in a fine layer of dust, from the guys working in the bathroom- sanding down the walls, then putting more concrete on because apparently our walls are sloped. Our vacuum cleaner decided that it has had enough. (and honestly, I don't blame it. I would have quit too, if only I could.) It turns on, makes noise, but that is about it. Besides, even if it did work, there really is no point as there is a new coat of dust every two days anyway.

Sponge bathing is getting old, especially in the winter. By the time the warm water gets from the faucet to my body, it is cold. Standing there without a stitch on in the cold air makes one want to take sponge baths less. One starts to think "Ah well. I didn't do anything too strenuous today. I didn't work up a sweat or play in the mud. I think I am good for one more day. I would much rather stay in my nice comfy sweats." Don't believe me? Try it for two months.

At least our washing machine works, so our clothes are clean.

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themikestand a dit…

Newlywed + Home renovations = domestic turmoil.

Aren't you the risk-taker? ;)

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