jeudi 11 janvier 2007

For Christmas, there were only Mom, Dad, me, Alain, and Doug and Patricia. On their flight from DC. to Denver there were 150 people on the waiting list, two days before Christmas, left over from the big storm. They got in at midnight and were told that the baggage system was working, and that it might be four hours before they got their luggage. To leave a claim and have it delivered the line was very long, so they decided to wait. About half an hour later it started working, their luggage was the first off. Way to make the city proud DIA!

(<---- practice for fatherhood)

This was supposed to be the "no gift" Christmas but we all ended up getting several presents each anyway. We brought several CDs of French Christmas carols to add to the Polish/German/Italian Christmas carol collection. We had "Thanksgiving for Christmas" meal as a special request per Yours Truely.
Gregg, Jill, and Rudy arrived on the 27th and had slightly better luck getting in to town. We celebrated Gregg's birthday (on the 26th). Then it started snowing again.

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