mercredi 24 janvier 2007
I have recently upgraded to the New Blogger. I have added labels on the posts, so you can click on a label and be shown all the posts in that catagory.
The labels I have, in order of frequency, are at this time

Provence (17) (places we have visited here in Provence, including Marseille)
French Customs (16)
Wedding (15) (our's and other people's)
French Language (14)
Misc (12) (things that don't fit in other catagories)
Daily Life (11)
Family (11)
Holidays (11)
Our Apartment (10)
Rants (10)
Trips (8) (any trip taken outside of Provence)
Mishaps (7)
Homesick (6)
Alain (4)
Bureaucracy (4)
Friends (4)
Jobs (4)
Health (4)
Cooking (3)

New catagories may be added in the future, and some posts have more than one catagory.

Another change is that on the right underneath the list of labels you will see an icon Site Meter. If you click on it, it will show facts about my site. How many people have visited (starting at this moment, not since I started the blog). It also shows interesting facts about location of people that have visited my blog, how they reached it (search engines, etc). If you would like me to block your address so your IP is not shown, please let me know.

1 commentaires:

themikestand a dit…

Heh. Enjoy sitemeter. It's a hoot.

Pity you can't figure out who people are from their bloglines IDs. Trust that one of them is me, though!

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