lundi 15 janvier 2007
Our last few days in Colorado were spent going to the movies, buying last minute things (examples: Cover Girl clear brow gel, brown mascara, multi vitamins, deodorant, jeans, books, etc that I can't get in France) and trying to shove all forementioned items plus wedding gifts and Christmas gifts into suitcases (I had brought an extra suitcase empty over from France just for this purpose). I got my haircut, thinking at least in the US I could explain what I wanted. Well, I am not too thrilled with it, but oh well. Two things that VMI taught me about hair- it grows back and is NOT THE BE ALL AND END ALL OF YOUR LIFE. (I could never understand women who would say "Oh no, I could never go there. I would have to cut my hair!!!!")
Anyway, also went to lunch with a high school teacher of mine and his wife that we have kept in touch with. Mom, Jill, and Rudy went to a Children's Museum, and then we had a family picture taken.

Doug and Patricia and Gregg, Jill, and Rudy left on the 3rd. The last evening Alain and I made gnocchi (potato pasta) for mom and dad. The next morning we left for the airport around 7:15 and our flight took off at 10:45. No problems getting back. Got into Marseille on Friday morning, the 5th of January. Jacques picked us up from the airport and we went back to their house to get our car and drive back to Marseille. We were falling asleep by 9 pm. The next morning I woke up around 11:30, but Alain slept until after 1. It took us a few days to get readjusted.
All in all- great vacation, great to see everyone. Was a little depressed on returning to France, but that was partly because of our bathroom still being in ruins and no job.

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