lundi 6 août 2007
My gym is closed from July 30th to August 15th, so I have signed up for a nearby indoor/outdoor pool, run by the community.
It has several pricing options, less expensive if one is a resident. I chose the 10 hour option for 22€ instead of the ten entry option (could stay all day if desired) for 42€. Every day I arrive, scan my card, enter through the turnstile, remove my shoes, and walk into the unisex dressing room. There are small cabins that you pass through to change, then go out into a general locker area. It is all quite open, evidenced by the direct view of the urinals one receives when walking towards the showers.
We are supposed to rinse off before going into the pool area. Then I must pass through a shallow pool, to further remove contaminents from my feet, before accessing the pools. There is a serious swimming only pool indoors with seating for matches, and then an indoor pool that is connected to the outdoor pool. The outdoor pools is nice, with jets of water in the sitting area, a waterfall to go under, little showers in the pool. There is a large grassy area where you can sit for free (and get covered in ants) otherwise you have to pay 1.30€ to use a lounge chair, which I found out when I got kicked out of mine on the third day (pretending I couldn't understand the sign didn't help). Mostly I just sit in the sun, and go in for a dip from time to time. I eat my lunch, read, listen to music, and then leave around 1:30 to rinse off (can’t get properly clean), then change as quickly as possible and get out, so as to not waste my precious minutes. Back at work, very sleepy and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. But once the gym opens up or my hours run out, whichever comes first, I will stop going. Unfortunately for my pool habits, the heat seems to have broken. But fortunately for me in general this summer has been unusual cool, which is fine with me, seeing as how we don't have air conditioning at home.

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Starman a dit…

I know the French don't like AC, but no one has ever really explained why. You would think it would have caught on by now. At least, in the cities in the long, hot summer months when so many suffer the ill effects of the heat.

mlle smith a dit…

Megan, how long is your lunch hour?! I love the idea of luxuriating by a pool during lunch, arriving back at work all refreshed and relaxed. :0)

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