jeudi 23 août 2007
After months of begging and bugging, Alain finally convinced me that he should get a motorcycle. In a way, it makes sense. Parking is hard enough for one car in Marseille, let alone two. Plus, if I have to keep taking the train, I might just break down into a quivering, sobbing mass of jelly in the human-pee stinking underground tunnels at the train station as I wait for the strike to end.
He spent many months searching websites, trying to figure out which model would be the best for his needs and wants (reading reviews from other drivers, etc). He finally decided on this model, which costs 3000€ new. He started searching for used ones, and found some in the 2500€ range, but most were far away. He would have had to pay an extra 200€ or so to have them sent here, at which point you might as well buy a new one. Plus, for the first 1000 kilometers, it is highly suggested that you do what is called a "roadage" where you break in the motor by going at a maximum of 60 km/hour (which I guess is quite a bummer once you have just bought your nice shiny new motorcycle and want to go top speed). This style is what is known as a "125". They are classed according to the size of the chamber (I guess). The lowest is 50, which anyone can drive starting at 14. These usually only go a max of about 60 km/hour. The 125 can be driven by anyone with a car driving license, and they go at about a max of 100/110. Anything with a higher classification and you have to have a special motorcycle license. (speaking of licenses, I am STILL waiting for my driver's license, which is now 6 months late. STILL lovin' ya Prefecture!)

Anyway, back to the motorcycle purchasing.

I, in my ebaying wisdom, suggested we checked out Ebay for deals in France. Sure enough, we found several listed. A couple were up in Paris, but one was in Salon de Provence, (right near where his parents live and where we had our wedding reception) with less than 5000 km, asking price (starting bid) 2000€. Plus, it was the color he wanted (all black, not blue or black/grey) We contacted him, went to see it, Alain sat on it and felt happy, and we told him we would take it.

We came back last weekend and paid him the money (cash) and he gave us the keys. Alain hasn't had much of a chance to drive it yet, but is happily looking at all gadets and gizmos he will need to buy (such as protective gear).

One happy Frenchman. Will post pictures of him on it when I can.

3 commentaires:

Starman a dit…

It definitely makes sense to drive a motor in France. The only problem is bad weather makes for a less-than-enjoyable ride.

Anonyme a dit…

Alain sure didn't look like the motorcycle type. But then again he didn't look like a plumber, tiler and electrician either.
Guess who?

deedee a dit…

My husband wants to get something like that to drive to "Les Milles" where he works. Traffic is getting crazy and a moto would make this commute faster.

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