dimanche 5 août 2007
6 am Monday-Friday: Way too early to get up for work
6 am Saturday-Sunday: Perfect time to wake up

During the weekdays, I wake up slightly before 6 am to get ready for work. This is way too early. I spend my time eating in front of the computer while checking out my favorite blogs and sending emails, getting dressed, preparing my lunch, and then head to the train station to catch the 7:04 (assuming they are not on strike).
On the weekends however, I make sure to turn off my alarm clock so that I can “sleep in”. Like clockwork though, I spring out of a bed at 6 am. Sometimes I can manage to sleep in until a whopping 7:30, but that is about max for me. Early mornings just seem the perfect time to drink a hot chocolate and surf the web. On Saturdays, I get up early in order to get in line for La Poste before it opens at 8 am. Then after usually about 15-30 minutes in line there (to deposit my paycheck, pick up packages, send letters, etc) I head over to do my grocery shopping.
I wish all the stores could come to an agreement on what time they open. Casino opens at 8 am. This is where I go to get slightly more fancy cheeses and specialty ingredients I can’t find at other stores. Monoprix opens at 8:30. They have some groceries, but also a selection of clothes, hair and beauty products, stationary, kitchen utensils, etc. ED finally opens at 9. This is where I go to get almost all fruits, vegetables, pasta, meat, cereal, milk, etc. Usually am done with all my errands by 9:30. It is best to go early on Saturdays to avoid crowds and the heat in the summer. By about 10:30, the stores are way too crowded for my tastes. Sunday mornings are when we buy two croissants and one pain au chocoat. Sometimes, when we are really feeling energetic, we go and run on the nearby track. But this isn’t very often.

Sunday evenings: reset my faithful Spanish speaking alarm clock which is about 17 years old now, it was given to us as a gift when we were in Ecuador. I have, unfortunately, forgotten almost all my Spanish but can always tell what time it is in Spanish since to find out what time it is, you have to push a button on the top and a voice tells the time in Spanish. I have looked for a French one, but have not found one yet. Cinco et cincuenta y uno pour la manana? That is way too early to wake up!

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