lundi 24 septembre 2007
Sunday was spent (on Alain's part) tiling like crazy. My part was spent internetting, sweeping, running out for another marker, and cleaning out buckets.

He managed to use up all the tile (sure glad I bought 2 meters squared instead of 1 m2 like I had measured), except there is one small square that is missing at the top left (not in the picture), so I have to go get one more square tomorrow. He had a piece of leftover tile that would work, but it would be cut on both sides, instead of cut on just one side. Unperfectionist me would have just put it and not cared, but he wants it done perfectly. He also managed to put all the white caulk as well.

Hopefully tomorrow the toilet will be functional. McDo two days in a row is enough. Not sure when we are going to get around to painting.

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Anonyme a dit…

Good work, Alain! He definitely deserves the motorcycle. :)

I love the color - is it more blue or sort of Provencal lavender-esque?

P.S. Thanks for the suggestion about the capcha code on my blog. I'm seeing what Seth can do to make it easier for humans, but still difficult for robots.

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