mardi 4 septembre 2007
Working in France has taught me so many things about crazy rules. This is a General French Job Rule, not a Specific My Job Rule, so I feel I can safely mention and complain about this one. Everyone knows about the five weeks of vacation per year in France, which works out to 2.5 days per month, which works out to surprisingly 30 days per year. Then, divided by five days per week, you get 6 weeks, not five. Yet the French have come up with an ingenious way to work out this little dilema.
For the week of August 15th (Ascension Holiday here in France, which I happily spent removing wallpaper), I figured I would have 4 days deducted from my vacation account. Let's count them now together, shall we? Monday- one vacation day hahaha (à la the Count from Seasame Street). Tuesday- two vacation days hahaha. Thursday- three vacation days hahaha. Friday- four vacation days! hahaha! Four vacation days!
Only to my surprise when I received my paycheck that five days had been deducted. Huh? I went to the accountant and asked what happened, and she said that they deduct one extra day. That way, when you take your five weeks of five days, then the extra 5 days are removed for a total of 30 days. Hmm. So if I take fifteen individual days (such as to do le Pont between a national holiday that falls on a Tuesday or Thursday) they would take two, for a total of 3 weeks not five per year? What a fabulous idea!
How about giving 2 REAL days per month, for a total of 24 days, then give one more day as a great Christmas/whatever present per year?! Wow!!
Or, even better, have 30 days per year, but give people the option of taking the extra five days as SICK DAYS. Oh if only I were the President of France....

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Anonyme a dit…

It's Karen again (met you on the wedding blog) and I'm now living in San Francisco, CA with my French husband. I really enjoy reading your blog. I think I asked my husband about this before but you don't get paid for vacation days in France? How can people afford to take 5 weeks vacation if they are not paid?


deedee a dit…

I found out about this weird rule with my first job in France, something about if you take friday, they count saturday, too. You can get around it by only taking four days at a time, monday through thursday, but you have to work on friday if you don't want them to count saturday, too.

Megan a dit…

Karen- the days are definetely paid, but just counted funny. I definetely could not take five weeks no pay! I just wish sick days were paid.

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