jeudi 28 février 2008

Glup's is a candy shop where you go in and there are the large bins where you scoop different types of candy from into a bag. The first time I went in, I was quite excited. I was hoping for Runts and Oreo's (though I am not sure how good Oreo's would be coming from a plastic bin) and Starbust and York Peppermint Patties and do you get the idea here? American candy. Considering how there are a lot of Americans in Aix, it wasn't so far-fetched. But nope. What they mostly have is gummy-type candies and chocolate. I try not to go too often or get too much.

But let's talk about the name here. Glup's. Seriously? There is nothing that says "Come eat candy!" to me less than Glup. Well, "Big Pile of Horse Dung" would probably turn me off more, but that isn't likely to be a store name.

Go to their online catalog site and you can click on the different types of candy that are available to see examples of what I am talking about. Yep. Mostly gummy stuff.
Considering how during my lunchbreak I am surrounded by enticing stores and restaurants, I have a feeling that this job might not be good for my wallet or my waistline.
(Oh, and note the new category Label- Aix en Provence).

Oh, and anyone that wants to send me US candy can do so. :) Be kind to ex pats.

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Unknown a dit…

"Glups" is an onomatopoeia denoting the sound that somebody would make while swallowing voraciously something. Hence the name of the store. The apostrophe being to look English (just like random accents on English words to look French)...

I didn't know it had a connotation in English too. :-)

Anonyme a dit…

I used to live near Glup's in Aix (near Place Richelm) and only went in there once, with the same disappointment. All gummy stuff! I remember finding some chocolate-covered peanuts once, though, but maybe that wasn't at Glup's. I agree about the name. It's like "Flunch." Just doesn't sound appetizing in English at all.

Jasper a dit…

Perhaps someone could go in and give them a new name for a handful of candy!

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