vendredi 29 février 2008
Leap Day.
Don't have much interesting to say today, just wanted to reflect on where I have been for previous Leap Days.
2008: Working in France, married, owning an apartment
2004: Virginia, in graduate school, debating whether I wanted to stay in PhD Program or leave to be with said Frenchman.
2000: In England, on a semester exchange program. Was dating an Englishman. Apparently it is tradition in England (and other countries) that Leap Day is a day that woman can ask men to marry him. Had no intention of asking him to marry me.
1996: Wow. Long time ago. Let's see- Junior in High School. Wanted to go to the Naval Academy and be in the Navy for the rest of my life.

2012: Most likely still in France, hopefully with said Frenchie and some little tadpoles.

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