vendredi 1 février 2008
For a day.

So yesterday was my last day of work for the place that I started in March 2007. I start next Monday at my new position in Aix en Provence.
I am extremely grateful that they (my first job) took a chance on me, who had never worked before in France and only spoke French so-so. (and did miserably on my interview by the way). I had interviewed with at least 15 places and had sent out about a hundred resumes, looked for months.

The first few months back in the workforce were a huge adjustment- I hadn't worked for a private company before, and I find the French workplace different- less personal for one. Plus, I had spent over a year NOT working, so getting reused to the 8-6 workday took some time. To make it even better, I kept coming in late due to the SNCF strike(s) and had to take half a day off every other month or so to go to the Prefecture, or the Embassy, or whatever.
And now, I am moving on.

How did I spend my day of unemployment? Slept in until 6:30 (wow!) then went for doctor's appointments in the morning, did some errands and grocery shopping, watched Matrix: Reloaded and remembered those desperate months of sitting at home, surfing internet, wondering When am I ever going to find a job?!

So many expats say it is very difficult for them to find work in France. I quite agree. Take the high unemployment rate in the general French population, throw in a less than 100% perfect French speaker, some paperwork difficulties, special dispensations required for companies to higher non-French (they have to prove you are better than all the other French) and it equals: really hard to find a job as a foreigner. Many people told me that I am very lucky- that it ONLY took me 6 months to find a job. That I found a CDI (permanent position). Just have to not get discouraged and believe that the right thing will come along eventually.

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The Late Bloomer a dit…

Sounds to me like you really worked hard at it and persevered, so congrats on the new job! It must be a great feeling to know that you got it on your own and are taking the next step in your life here in France. That's excellent! And especially in "la province" I think it's an even bigger accomplishment, because I know they often say it's easier (relatively speaking -- although it's never easy!) to find jobs in the Paris area. I'm sure by now you've probably really improved your French, and that helped even more in finding the new job!

The Late Bloomer a dit…

P.S. ~ I'm hoping that eventually (after the baby of course!) I might be able to move on and find something more fulfilling and challenging myself, but at least in my current position I can breathe and not feel too stressed. That's the one thing I tell myself to put things in perspective -- that I honestly can't complain, and that things could always be worse!

screamish a dit…

Well done! Do you realize how tough it is for all the reasons you described...and still get out there and get a CDI! (I can only dream of it...a CDI I mean!) Your French must be GREAT I'm sure you're being modest...

Anonyme a dit…

Megan, would you give us (Americans) more details about your new job?

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