vendredi 28 novembre 2008
Is 5 years old.
Yep, there is another female totally smitten with my husband.

When these drawings started showing up on a regular basis, I started to get suspicious.

-How old is she? Five.

- How did you meet her? She's in my twice-weekly karate class.

She is, apparently, "folle de lui".
While I don't exactly blame her, I made it quite clear to him that 5 was my other-girlfriend age limit.
We now have a growing collection of pictures of: hearts with eyelashes; flowers; princesses; and princesses along with hearts with eyelashes.
Little girls seem to adore Alain- Manon (who is also five, hmmm...) adores her uncle.

6 commentaires:

Toulonnaise for a while a dit…

wow that's cute even though it kind of surprises me fro a 5-year old... Actually I don't know but one so...:)

Starman a dit…

Your hubby is an extremely attractive man.

Megan a dit…

I know!

Brandi a dit…

I had heard that French women were more aggressive than American women. I didn't know what it started so early. Maybe it's a genetic trait.

Astrid a dit…

How sweet :)

Anonyme a dit…

That is precious! It is even sweeter that he has kept them :)

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