dimanche 9 novembre 2008
This past weekend, we began working on constructing the closet in our bedroom.
Alain had already built the supporting walls in August, and we painted them blue when we painted the walls (oh that was fun!)

After some discussion about what kinds of boards to use and how to arrange the space (ie 2/3rds for me, 1/3rd for him naturally) we finally bought white particle board, 2.5 meters long.

It was suprisingly easy to mount the vertical boards. Well, except for the fact that while the bottom of the board touches at the floor, up at the top there is a 5 cm gap due to our walls being incredibly not straight. We discussed whether we should cut the edges at an angle so that they fit, but then decided we would only loose space and would never be able to get it to match exactly. Sigh.

Only had to do two extra trips to the hardware store on Saturday (thank goodness there is one fairly close by). On Sunday we went again to buy more 2.5 m boards, this time for the shelves. We need 7 total, and were only able to fit four in the car, so next Saturday we will have to go back and buy the rest, as well as additional supports to hold the shelves.

We still haven't decided on what type of doors we want. We need three doors, and they will have to be custom-made to the tune of an arm and a leg, because the standard height of 2.5 meters isn't enough- our ceilings are 2.90 meters. Why did we have to buy an apartment made before things were standardized? Even the highest custom-made ones will not be high enough- they only go up to 2.80 meters. We will have to use an extension kit that fixes to the ceiling. Super!

Anyway, I will be glad just to have a closet- keeping all our clothes in the living room is getting rather old.

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