dimanche 4 janvier 2009
Last weekend we went up to my parent's "cabin" in the mountains of Colorado. They bought this place a few years ago. Georgetown is an old mining town, and their house is about 130 years old. It is a good location for skiing, but there are no ski areas right there.
We go up there to do three things: sleep, eat, and watch TV. Exciting huh? Like we can't do that anywhere else.

Something about the place is snooze-inducing.
Get up late, take a before-noon nap, eat, take an after-noon nap, then head to bed around 9.
The first day, Saturday, was freezing cold.

Here is a picture of us by the "Hotel de Paris". It is an old hotel, founded by a Frenchman named Louis Dupuis, who came to the US and didn't have enough money to come out west. He joined the Army, and was sent to some post out west, then deserted, came to Georgetown, and changed his name. It is now a museum.

The rest of the town is small shops (mostly touristy shops) and small restaurants. We stopped by a wine seller. The proprietor was impressed to have a real Frenchman, even if said Frenchman doesn't know anything about wine, in his shop and made him taste the different Colorado wines. Not bad, but being from France we aren't used to paying 15€+ for a bottle of wine. We bought three, a Cabernet France, a Merlot, and a Chardonnay. We then watched the movie "Sideways", which Alain and I had not seen.
We left on Monday and it was back to our usual routine: sleep, eat, and watch TV, but with a bit of shopping thrown in for good measure.

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

My whole family is like that at Christmas time.....eat, sleep, TV, repeat as needed. Its a little unnerving.I really enjoyed the movie Sideways.

Starman a dit…

How many TV commercials did you have to sit through before they actually showed the movie you paid to see?

Anonyme a dit…

I liked Sideways. My husband gets paraded around as the "Frenchman" every time we go back too. Hope your DH is enjoying his fame.

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