mardi 27 janvier 2009
Something that seems to be bounding around the blogoverse lately is tagging or meme's. Basically you post something on your blog, then tag other bloggers you know, who are then supposed to answer the same questions and tag other people. Kind-of like a big chain letter.

I have been tagged a few times in the past, but at the times I was feeling rather blah and uninspired so I didn't get around to posting right away (I think it was also around the time I was pulling my hair out, stressing over the Patent Bar exam), then too much time had passed, and I felt silly doing it a month or so later. Also, I wasn't sure if people would want to read such a thing, just about me.

But anyway, when Dedene, from Soyez la Bienvenue Chez Moi (who I just want to kidnap and lock up in my kitchen) tagged me, I figured I should get off my self-doubt and post:

10 Things I Betcha Didn't Know About Me

1) I was on the Pom Pon Squad in High School and a Cheerleader in college. (sidenote: French do not understand the difference between a Pom Pon and a Cheerleader. However, do not tell a Pom Pon or Cheerleader that they are the same thing unless you want to be hit over the head with a Pom Pon.
Just a friendly warning)

2) I have lived on three continents- bet you can't guess the third.

3) I was in a very famous photograph seen in many different countries.

4) I lived in a Communist country.

5) I absolutely detest jazz music.

6) I wanted to be a US Navy officer.

7) I was in the first class with women at a formerly all-male military school.

8) I got married at 26. Which was 2 years later than I thought I would be getting married when I was daydreaming in High School. Certainly never thought it would be in France though.

9) I have a Master's in Microelectronics.

10) My favorite hobby is cross-stitching. So I guess I should tag some people now huh? Okay, first is Poppy Fields, who is funny and interesting and who I met today in Aix for bagels.

Second is Brandi from French Kiss-Provence Style whom I met last weekend, along with her cute French husband and their adorable kid.

Sidenote: Is it me, or all French husbands (as well as FrenchBoy from Mme K) cute? Or is it just that if they weren't so darn cute (among other things), we wouldn't have crossed the ocean in the first place? It's a mystery.
I won't tag her because she has already been tagged.

Third is Astrid from Life with a Seaview with her new job.

Fourth is Froulamouse in Spain, with her great photos.

And finally Notre Vie Juteuse, displaced Californians experiencing all the joys of France.

To everyone else, I'm sorry if I didn't tag you.

Next post, back to our regularly scheduled program about cheese, how much I hate La Poste, and how cute my husband is.

10 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

You look beautiful with short hair! I could never pull off that cut.

Yvan a dit…

What's this famous photograph ?

Anonyme a dit…

Megan, aren't you adorable as a pom-pon girl? Why didn't you become the first Admiral of the Navy? You must tell us more. Come over and I'll cook for you!!!

poppy fields a dit…

LOL on the French husbands being cute. I think you're probably right about us crossing the ocean to marry the cute ones :)
Thanks for meeting me for lunch yesterday...and I too want to know about the famous photo. I'll do the tag this week.

Starman a dit…

Thank you a million times for NOT tagging me. I absolutely detest those things.

Anonyme a dit…

Ecuador, South America comes to mind as the mystery country/continent, though I could be wrong...

Frou Frou a dit…

How interesting! (I mean, really:) The Pom Pom does not go with the navy officer in my head. My guess is lived in CHina or Russia?:) Or... Mongolia? But I have no idea if it is/was a Communist country.
and I am very curious about the photograph! Don't you just want to brag and share?:)))

An American in France a dit…

What was the famous photo? I'm really curious and what is the different between a Pom Pon and a cheerleader? I know my school had both.

screamish a dit…

the famous photo!! give us a clue!!!

Mrs C a dit…

I was a cheerleader in junior high. Mr C thinks that is hilarious.

I too cross stitch. Here's a good link:

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