mercredi 7 janvier 2009
Major freak-out in the Bouches du Rhone aujourd'hui.

Snow was predicted for last night/today. I didn't really pay attention, because Hey, I'm from the US, where you don't really believe what the weatherman says, right?

Woke up this morning, checked the Metéo just in case. Snow. Hmm. Look outside. Rather a wet rainsnow falling, not sticking. I'll give it a whirl.

Left for work at 6:30. No problem getting to Aix. Once in Aix however, the snow was sticking and there was a bit. Pulled into the parking lot, no cars were there. Asked the parking lot attendant whether the buses were running. Yes, there is no strike today. Uh huh. But what about the snow?

Waited for the bus until another woman told me that the buses were not running today. Hmm. I can walk, no problem it is only 10 minutes downhill, but I didn't want to be stuck in Aix. I dithered for a moment, saw that the snow was coming down, and decided to head home. It took me twice as long to get back to Marseille, mainly because Provencaux drivers are stupid. Let's face it, they do not know how to drive in snow.

Finally got back to Marseille at around 9. Called my office, said I wasn't coming in today. No surprise, none of us who live outside of walking distance went in.

Decided that I would get some important chores done today. Called the US Consulate, and left a message saying that I needed to have a paper notarized. They only do it on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, so I was hoping that they could do it today.

Walked to the Metro station and slipped on the sidewalk, was more embarassing than painful. The Marseillais are having a ball with the snow. I actually saw two girls on skiis. Oh, and the teenagers throwing snowballs. If one of them hit me, I would have hobbled after them and beat them with my umbrella like an old lady.

Went down to the Prefecture to pick up my Carte de Sejour for this year. (Only 4 months late! This must be a new record! Last year it was 9 months late!) I think that this is the fastest that I have ever been in and out of the Prefecture des Etrangers.

There were about 3 people ahead of me in line. I showed my passport, my old carte de sejour, the recipisée, paid the 70€ for the privledge of having my carte for a whole 9 months before it expires, and asked her when I could get the 10-year card. "After five years." What?!
I was told after three years!
I went and asked at the information desk, and was told that after being married for three years, when we do the demand for the next one, they will automatically evaluate my dossier and after doing some checking (with the taxes, mairie, police, speeding tickets, etc) give me the 10-year card. I am not so-sure of this "automatically" part, since that requires some brainwork on the part of French bureaucrats, so I might just have to write in big letters on the cover sheet of my file "I HAVE BEEN MARRIED 3+ YEARS AND WOULD LIKE TO HAVE THE 10 YEAR CARD. PS: IF YOU MAKE ME COME BACK HERE EVERY 3 MONTHS FOR THE NEXT 2 YEARS I WILL BLOW A GASKET. THANK YOU."
Anyway, got a return call from the Consulate saying I could come get my paper signed at 3 pm. I had several hours to kill, so decided I would go do Les Soldes. I am normally not a Black-Wednesday shopper. I don't want to fight the crowds. I prefer to wait a week or so before checking out the stores. However, I was in the Centre Ville and had time to kill.
I went into NafNaf. I don't know why I go in there- the clothes are so not my style. My style being defined as "I don't like wearing clothes that make me look pregnant if I am not pregnant." My phone rang again. It was the lady from the Consulate, saying that they had to cancel my appointment because they would be shutting down the Consulate soon. After some heavy begging on my part, she agreed to let me do it today if I came right away. I hurried over, went through the security checks, and got my paper notarized for 30$.

Went back and looked at the sales and bought a skirt, jacket, and shoes on sale for decidedly non-sale prices. Went to a few more stores, but some were closed due to the snow- I guess the workers couldn't get in. Was tired and hungry so came home, ate my reserve stash of Mac&Cheese, then fell asleep on the couch.
Alain walked an hour home from his work, the buses and metro were no longer running. He took the pictures here.

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Anonyme a dit…

Hey- it's warm and no snow in Colorado! C'est la vie.

Jennie a dit…

I don't know how we missed out on all the snow here in Annecy. It's been chilly, but not too cold either. Well, not compared to Michigan temps... lol

amerigirl a dit…

Too funny. I have been married for over 8 years, let me know what you figure out about the CDS, applying every year sucks. They told me that I would have to get a 1-year one for 3 years and then get the 10-year one. They also suggested that I just apply for citizenship right-a-way. But I think you have to be married 4-years for that. BTW -- someone on some expat list told me that if you are married to a French citizen then you aren't suppose to pay the 70 Euros for the renewal. Not actual able to read French well, I am not sure where this "rule" is written to get out of paying....

Have you seen any snowmen? I am so jealous....

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