dimanche 15 mars 2009
In a desperate attempt to blog about something other than our apartment, I am writing today about French Fashion vs. USA Fashion.
In the USA, women have many different styles- goth, hippie, preppy, classic, beach, etc.
In France, it can pretty much be summed up by the following three words:
"French Woman Style".

I can't really explain it, but it seems like all French women pretty much dress the same way- in varying price ranges, but still, pretty homogenous.
I bet that if you took five women from five different European countries (a frenchwoman, a brit, a Spaniard, a German, and an Italian say) and blacked out their features, I could tell you which one was the frenchwoman.
French Woman Style, unfortunately, isn't really My Style.
Not that I really have a defined style, but a good portion of what I see in stores is just Not It.
I guess I am slowly drifting towards FWS, out of lack of choice.
Back in the US, I wore a lot more colors and patterns. I was much more daring than I am here.
So readers, how would you describe FWS and how does it compare with what you normally like to wear?

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Frou Frou a dit…

I know how others influence it... I have worn crazy tights (red and violin) and a lot of people thought I am colour-crazed:) But so what, if you like it... Just do not get them to influence you so much...

amerigirl a dit…

I don't know, I definitely see differences in the way my French colleagues dress. There are some more casual, some more "hippie"ish and some trying to walk the runway.
My sister-in-laws dress completely differently. One is leggings, boots and long shirt and the other is jeans, t-shirt and non-pointy shoes.
My style is a good pair of jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of Danskos.

For the winter lots of the women in my office were long sweater dress, belt below the waist and leggings/tights, usually with boots.

screamish a dit…

The thing about French Woman Style is THE HAIR. have a look...generally THE HAIR is well thought out, even if it looks scruffy.

The other thing is that FASHION is SERIOUS (today im really into capital shouting sorry). You can't play or have fun. FROUFROU is spot on. Try wearing a funny orange tshirt or stripey stocking and they look at you like you grew a third head.

It doesnt matter how BAD the look is, as long as its a LOOK.

Know what i mean???

Starman a dit…

It's not so bad, but the heels are murder on my legs.

poppy fields a dit…

screamish is right about the hair...I'm getting mine fixed this week, I have been so not fws lately with my hair. I used to work with both Italian and French women and if I could imitate and pull off a style, it would be the Italian one. Somehow they can wear jeans, boots, t-shirts and look hot...I think it might have been the accessories.

screamish a dit…

poppyfields...tell me how to imitate the italian style!! boots jeans and looking hotcould be my thing, i just end up looking kind of ....suburban, you know?

Dedene a dit…

I've noticed that French women don't really accessorize. I used to do the whole coordinated scarf/necklace/earring business. I always got weird looks. And, none of my coworkers ever did accessories like Americans do. So I stopped.

Notre Vie Juteuse a dit…

one word. BLACK. was in Toulouse the other day...everyone wears black, shirts, jeans, jackets, hats, boots. Not sure if it's the same in your city. I'm a brown girl, trying to bring brown back or maybe it was never in here.

Astrid a dit…

What style?? Toulon is definitely not the place to be on the look-out for fashion, French or not. In France I feel overdressed and once in Italy I want to run and hide (Or run straight to Max Mara and change my entire wardrobe)

Madame K a dit…

LOL My ex-pat friends and I always joke about the "French Fashion Clones". No playfulness or color....at least in this region anyway.

Even in different stores, the clothing looks all the same. I shop in London. *shrugs*

Anonyme a dit…

Dark colors, a bit scruffy, angular cuts, very narrow ankled jeans, or heels with chunky heels.

OR, very back of the Spiegel catalog-like (for the 40-somethings).

Little to no makeup, applied with an indifferent hand. The hair looks about the same. Eyebrows usually aren't very tailored. Meh.

Lots of neutral colors.

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