dimanche 22 mars 2009
Alain has a sweatshirt that he wears around the house quite often. It is dark blue with "Virginia" written across it in orange, UVA's colors. He bought it when he was living in Charlottesville (where we met).
He did his usual Sunday morning routine this morning, and went to the bakery to buy two croissants while I made the cappuccinos.
When he got back, he told me this little anecdote.

When he got out on the sidewalk, there was an elderly man walking his dog (whom Alain has seen around before).

The elderly man said:
"C'est pas possible!"
Alain: Quoi?
Elderly man: Vous n'êtes pas vierge quand même?!

Alain then explained that it was from the state of Virginia.

I can't really imagine any man proudly wearing a sweatshirt that says 'Vierge', can you?

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amerigirl a dit…

Hmm, probably not in France. But there are some places in the bible belt where that might be acceptable or even cool....

Frou Frou a dit…

HA HA!! I just do not understand how he could think Virginia is Vierge... It is not that similar!!! He could think he loved certain Virginia as well, no?:)

Starman a dit…

It's easy enough to understand if your English isn't that good, but it's still hilarious.

Jennie a dit…

LOL That was hilarious. I can't believe the old man thought Virginia meant vierge in French. Makes you wonder how he knew the English word anyway, even though he was a few letters off...

Anonyme a dit…

That's priceless! Will Alain ever wear that shirt again?

poppy fields a dit…

LOL...he might never where that shirt again.
I thought of you Saturday...I walked under your window and the accordion player was there. Geesh, he doesn't even take weekends off.

screamish a dit…

haa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it

The Beaver a dit…

"Vierge" Marie = "Virgin" Mary
Except the old gentleman missed the "ia" or he was so surprised when he saw the word that it did not dawn on him that the word is Virgin-ia and not Virgin

JMHO :-)

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