lundi 2 mars 2009
Some of you may know this song from the musical "Camelot".
Well no, not this song exactly. The song "What do the simple folk do?"

Guenevere and Arthur are sitting around wondering what the "simple folk" do to escape their cares.
What do the simple folk do
To help them escape when they're blue?
The shepard who is ailing, the milkmaid who is glum
The cobbler who is wailing from nailing his thumb
When they're beset and besieged
The folk not noblessly obliged
However do they manage to shed their weary lot?
Oh, what do simple folk do we do not?

This weekend, while working on the apartment, this song suddenly came to me, but with the lyrics:
What do the non-renovating folk do?

Seriously, what DO you non-renovating folk do with your weekends and holidays?
Do you sit around and wonder what renovating folk do?

I am just wondering what we will do when we are no longer renovating our apartment, with the oodles and oodles of time stretching out before us.
Read books! Go visit a museum! Visit people who have given up on us after three years!

Between the life-essentials (buy groceries, do laundry), not-getting-condemmed-for-health-violation-essentials (taking out the trash, doing bare-minimum cleaning), still-trying-to-keep-friends-essentials (going out to the occasional movie/dinner), renovating-essentials (God, back to Castorama AGAIN?!) and not-going-bonkers-essentials (pizza and movie night), there just hasn't been time for anything else, like actually mopping the floor (windex and a paper towel does wonders), getting hair cuts, seeing the Van Gogh exhibition in Marseille, and all the rest of it.

All I can say is Thank Goodness We Don't Have A Baby Yet. Well, I guess a baby would be okay, once we figured out where to put it (on the sack of cement or on the pile of bricks?) because babies pretty much seem to stay where they are put/tied. However, this place would be a death trap for a toddler. No! Put the saw down Gigi!

So non-renovating folk. Tell me what you do with your free time. Even if you don't have any, LIE. Lie through your teeth. It is the only thing getting me through.
Thank you.

PS Anyone who says something like "We start over re-renovating our apartment" will be shot. Just a friendly warning.
Thank you.

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Jess a dit…

When I have free time, I love: Taking classes, going out to hear live music of any kind, taking road trips, having dinner/wine tasting parties, and of course, getting massages :D

Starman a dit…

Those of us who have nothing but free time (retired) read books, watch a little télé, visit libraries (bibliothéques), visit musées, listen to musique, take long walks, read internet blogs about people who have no time, visit friends, have small dinner parties and then it's Tuesday.

amerigirl a dit…

After years of renovating 2 houses in the States, about 5 seconds after I was finally finished with house 2, I got pregnant. Not my kid takes up all my time. You can read books while breastfeeding :-)

screamish a dit…

i dont know what people do when they're not renovating...or looking after babies....the first night the girls slept thru the night at 7 pm we looked at each other like "who are you" and didnt know what to do..i kept wandering aimlessly from room to room expecting crying babies. As for when the renovation stops well we're not there yet...maybe three months. That'll be wierd.

Julie Mautner a dit…

We work! And dream of renovating....

Yaya a dit…

Okay, here I go telling you what you need....when you don't have time for yoga, that is when you need it the most. Enroll in a yoga that offers meditation combined with Hatha yoga. Now...what to do on a weekend....
1. Sleep late.
2. Have coffee while traveling the world by blogfare.
3. makes your home smell divine.
4. Read
5. Take walks...take the camera...come back and blog about what you saw.
6. Invite company over for dinner and a card game.
7. Have a wine and cheese tasting party.
8. Create a dinner club. Once a week, someone cooks dinner in their home for your dinner club. Next week, someone else cooks dinner for the club...and so on.
9. STOP...smell the roses
10. Love and be loved...

Do you want me to go on and on?

Until further notice, celebrate everything!


screamish a dit…

oh my god i want yaya's life....

poppy fields a dit…

Please don't shoot, but....
it always seems like we have something to fix up around here. Babies on the other hand grow up and learn to cook you dinner... :)

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