lundi 4 mai 2009
Last week I was meandering through Aix during my lunch break and came across a guy obviously trying to pick up women/get donations. As I walked by he drew me in with "Oh you have such beautiful eyes!"
Okay, yeah what do you want? (I saw that he had small packets of candy)
"Oh it's for the children so they can play sports!"
He didn't have any pamphlets, signs, T-shirt with name of organization, nothing.
I figured I would give him 50 cents or so and be done with it, so I opened up my wallet.
He held out a fistful of euros and and asked if I had any bills because he had so much change. Thinking he wanted to exchange for example X euro coins for a X euro bill, I pulled out a five and gave it to him. He plunked the small packet of candy (like halloween packets of jellybeans- there mustn't have been more than 30 jellybeans in the thing) and was off to his next victim. "Oh mademoiselle..."
I said Hey wait a minute, where's my change?
He handed me a euro and moved away quickly. Though if I hadn't asked him, I'm sure I wouldn't have even gotten that much.
I yelled after him "How do I know you even work for the organization you say you work for?"
He couldn't (or wouldn't) hear me, he was busy swindling La Jolie Mademoiselle.
I ate my 4€ jellybeans and chalked it up to lessons learned.
If I ever see him again I will give him a piece of my mind and drive away any Mademoiselles with pretty eyes he is chatting up.

5 commentaires:

amerigirl a dit…

Sounds like you paid a hefty accent tax.

Starman a dit…

Consider yourself lucky, at least you got something for your €4

poppy fields a dit…

You were definitely had. I had someone knocking at my door, no papers either, selling 25 euro trinkets for the handicapped. Like I ever have that much cash on me in the first place...

screamish a dit…

oops. I think that happened to me once in Edinburgh, working in Bann's Baked Potato Shop years ago, someone came in asking for change...except it was more like twenty pounds we lost...its a cute scam for them if it works..

Flutterby a dit…

You ate those jelly beans??? Never mind, I am so happy to find your Aix-en-Provence posts. I used to live in Aix (years ago) and loved it. I love your pictures of Aix, so many memories. Thank you.

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